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Styling as a petite can be daunting, there are so many lovely pieces available in the regular sections of stores but it can be hard to differentiate what looks good on the hanger and how it will fit on your petite frame. As a fellow shorty myself, I thought I would share some of the tips I have found really make a difference when I am choosing new clothes and ultimately, what I avoid too!


I love a boxy oversized look and I do think it can work so well with certain pieces depending on the style you are going for. It is also a big trend at the moment, so I wouldn't completely avoid boxy items, however I would suggest if you are wanting to dress to look taller, picking fitted pieces work better, as it prevents you getting 'lost' in your clothes. If there is a particular boxy item you want to style, try styling it with a tight fitting item, this way it can counterbalance the boxy silhouette. Such as a boxy oversized puffer jacket with leggings.


I have also found in the past square toe style shoes just don't seem to flatter my proportions as a petite. I feel they can sometimes cut the foot off, making my legs appear shorter than what they are. As a petite, I try to opt for pointed toe shoes or round toe styles as I find they really help to elongate the leg. Opting for neutral shoes which compliment your skin tone works so well to achieve longer looking legs too! Great shoe options below:


Low rise trousers, especially low rise jeans are a huge trend right now but I feel as a petite they can be very difficult to master. As the low rise style typically falls on the hip area, this can make your legs appear shorter as it can give the appearance the waistline is lower down. As a petite it is always better to opt for high-waisted styles to elongate the legs. Perfect high waisted trouser options below:


I know this seems very fussy, but I have found jackets that finish just that little bit below the hip just don't seem to flatter my petite frame. I have found it's better to opt for jackets that are a midi/maxi style, or in a cropped style, as they work really well to prevent 'chopping' off my legs and making them appear longer, rather than shorter. The ideal jackets below:


Again, this may seem a little strange but any shoes which are 'very' flat, such as the big trend at the moment, the ballet flat. I find shoes like this with no heel just do not flatter my petite frame at all. I always find opting for flat shoes that have a bit more of an arch style to them or a small platform are instantly more flattering as they tilt the foot to make the leg appear elongated. I think Birkenstocks are great for petites as they are still flat but have a slight platform to help balance out proportions! Flattering shoes for petites below:

I hope that you find these tips helpful! I would love to know if you have any tips that you stick to when shopping as a petite in the comment section below.

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