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Must have autumn coats are one of my favourite videos to film at this time of year, but as I am pregnant it has made choosing coats (and them fitting) a little bit more difficult! I thought I would still share my must have autumn coats for this year on a blog post instead, that I would definitely wear if I could!

The Boucle Bomber Jacket

The boucle bomber jacket is everywhere at the moment, every store seems to have their own take on the design. This is definitely an on-trend jacket for the season. Grey seems to be the most popular choice which sells out very quickly! I think it's a great choice for Autumn which you could style with leather trousers, flares, any coloured denim jeans, they are very versatile.

The Classic Trench Coat

A trench coat has always been more of a staple for Spring, however I think with all the in-between weather we are having, the trench coat makes the perfect choice when you need a layer but nothing too thick. Trench coats are very versatile and can be styled with pretty much anything, dresses and tights, jeans, flares, shorts, they look good with it all!

The Sophisticated Jacket

With 'old money' dressing still a huge trend for Autumn, the sophisticated jacket is another item which is gathering a lot of attention. Boucle styles with gold or silver buttons are a great choice to elevate your outfit, especially for workwear when you want to look professional and chic!

The Embroidered Jacket

This seems to be a fairly new trend but I really like how it adds some personality to your look! They really do make an outfit so you can just wear something really simple like jeans and a white t-shirt underneath.

The Camel Coat

I mention this every year but I find it such a staple in my wardrobe. It's very versatile just like the trench coat, but usually in warmer materials so it makes a great piece for when the weather starts to get colder!

The Western Jacket

I have seen a lot of western style jackets with fringe detailing around this year, which I don't think comes as a surprise when the western boots have been such a huge trend over the past year. I really like how these look and again how you can wear something simple with them like jeans and a t-shirt as the jacket makes the outfit.

The Wax Jacket

Think Barbour! Wax jackets are having a moment this Autumn, with lots of brands doing their own take on the classic wax jacket. Great for in-between weather, you can easily throw this practical jacket on, especially when it rains!

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