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It's the start of another week and I cannot believe we are over mid-way through November now! Time is going so quickly. I thought I would share some of my recent outfits with you on what I wore on our trip to LA & Las Vegas as well as an outfit from the weekend. I have linked similar pieces below as not everything is still available. Hope you all have a great start to the week!

Look One: This is an outfit I wore this past weekend, I recently purchased this silk scarf from Hermés and I love it, it really can elevate the whole outfit! Here I've styled it with a beige denim jacket from Kith, which I purchased from the LA store, wow it's amazing in there, they even do ice cream too, I recommend 'the wifey', rice crispies and ice cream! My western boots were from ASOS and my white jeans were also from there too. I really like the speedy 30 with this look, I feel like the speedy has lost out a lot recently but to me it's always been a classic and my first designer bag too!


Here is an outfit I wore in Las Vegas, we were technically there for only two nights and the first night we didn't know to book restaurants in advance (definitely do this if you are going there especially at a weekend!) So the second night I dressed up a tiny bit, but it was actually freezing so this wasn't the best outfit choice. They keep the casinos cold I guess to keep you awake! We stayed at the Bellagio and I would really recommend it, it was a beautiful hotel and a lot better than what I thought! So here I had on my zara rhinestone top, with blue jeans from missguided.

Zara top: here


So this is a look I wore on our last day in LA, it actually rained nearly the whole time we were there, typically! Although we still had a great time. We watched a basketball game, visited the Getty museum and Warner Bro's, I enjoyed Warner Bro's the most because even though I don't watch a lot of movies or TV, I really appreciated seeing the behind the scenes and how much process goes into making them. They were even filming Abbott Elementary, a Christmas special at the time and it really was so interesting so I would definitely recommend going. My shirt was from Princess Polly, leggings from ASOS, Chanel trainers & Goyard bag.

And finally, I thought I would share some photos from our trip: We flew to Los Angeles, stayed for 3 nights, then flew to Vegas for 2 nights. I would recommend flying internally especially if you don't fancy driving from LA to Vegas, as it was a fun experience and great to visit both locations, especially when travelling from the UK!

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