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It's our first year in the new house and I feel like Christmas decorations should be collected over the years in a more sentimental way, so I've tried not to go to overboard so I can collect more special pieces over time. I wanted to share with you some photos of some of my favourite decorations I have purchased for Christmas this year! My favourite being the two light up reindeers. One small one pictured next to the tree, as well as one huge deer. I didn't check the measurements before I ordered so I was in for a surprise when this giant 6ft deer arrived! However it really is lovely and I am hoping to display them outside next year. I've tried to keep my decorations on the tree more sentimental and a mix of different baubles collected from trips rather than keeping to a colour scheme. Let me know what you prefer, do you like a mix of baubles or a colour scheme?

John Lewis deer: Here

Christmas tree: Here

Alessi bauble: Here

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