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Happy New Year! I hope that this year is full of happiness and good health for you all. The start of a new year begins and we all look to what our resolutions and goals are for this year, admittedly, I haven't yet decided what mine are. So instead of listing what I would like to achieve, I thought I would instead list what I have learned from last year. I believe, we have all learned the value of connecting again with those close to us after spending so much time apart during lockdowns. Personally, I have also learnt that nothing is as bad as what you think it is going to be and to *try* worry less and live more. (cringe)

I have loved having my decorations up but I am so pleased to be getting the house back! It is funny how we put up our decorations with Christmas music playing in the background and take them down in silence, maybe someone should make a playlist for that!

I thought I would share a couple of photos. 😊

Fornasetti Candle: Here US link: Here

Dubai Wonder Book: Here US Link: Here

Eicholtz Black & White Print '1960': Here

Liang & Emil Stool: Here

Eicholtz Graphic Print 'Vlado Fieri II': Here

Liang & Emil Etna Sideboard: Here

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Very nice! Your home is really an inspiration for me 🤗 Thank you for sharing it with us

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